American History : Family History

Sarah Sutter and Mary Ellen Bell for MLTI Spring online conference : Pictures Sounds Numbers Words
5/7/09 Recorded presentation for the above conference.

Online Tools and Resources

Google Maps : allows for collaborative placemarks with text & images, paths, etc.
Top Ten Free Genealogy websites
NY Times Interactive Immigration Map : shows waves of immigration from various countries from census data from 1880 to 2000

NPR Storyon the Pullman Porters

Maine Folklife Center Collections of the Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History
Maine State Archives for Teachers and students : Research links
American Folk Life Center : Library of Congress
Library of Congress Veterans History Project
Information on theMaine StoryBank Instituteat UMaine July 7-10, 2009

Resources on Interviewing and oral history Step by Step Guide to Oral History

Telling their stories : Oral History Archive from High School students

History Matters : Making Sense of Oral History

Oral History Questions from the Youth Source : Youth & Heritage learning center (Alberta, CA)

Family oral history using digital tools

Storytelling : things to think about when telling a story . . how to put the pieces together

UNC Guide to Oral History (particularly transcribing for an essay, larger projects)

Indiana University Center for the study of history and memory : Oral History Techniques

American Folklife Center (Library of Congress)

Story Corps : Listen to stories recorded in story corps booths around the US

Authentic History Center : Artifacts and Sounds from American Popular Culture

Creative Commons and Public Domain Image Sites

Library of Congress : Digital Collection can browse by topic, maps, photos, documents, audio, video, etc

Flickr Stream by the Library of Congress

Search Google ADVANCED SEARCH and click on DATE, USAGE RIGHTS, etc and then select Usage Rights: Free to use or share

Your choice of wiki or other web page for students to share material online:
Google Sites

Recording a cell phone conversation:
iTalk: an iPhone and iTouch app
Rondee : free conference call and recording
OR put your phone on speaker and place near the mic on a laptop

Hardware and software we used:

Audio recorders : Olympus WS-210 and WS-110, built-in laptop mics, desktop mics, Snowball mics, cell phones
Audio Software : Audacity, GarageBand,
Video Software: iMovie HD, Quicktime Pro, Windows movie maker
Image editing : iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, Preview, Seashore or online image editors Picnik or Pixlr
Digital Cameras: Canon Powershot A-series(540 through 590) (stills and video) or whatever the kids had to use at home
First Class Client workspace as "inbox"; each student has their own folder

Options for projects

Audio file : Historical011.jpg