Image Editing BasicsUsing Online Editing Tools

Online Photo Editing sites

(Most will upload from computer or url from facebook, myspace, flickr, picasa, webshots, photobucket, smugmug, phanfare)
Pixlr: Free - jump in - layers, magic wand, clone stamp - looks a lot like photoshop elements
Splashup: free (has online storage of images too) online image editing, free, with layers, effects and filters. Works with picasa, flickr, and facebook images as well as uploads from desktop.
SumoPaint - sumopaint.png
FotoFlexer: free Effects, text with several fonts, shapes, doodling, distortion, retouching, layers, recolor, curves. Does need newest version of flash player to work.
Lunapic : free (also has animation features)
flauntR : free (has printing feature; pay for prints)
Phixr: Free - can sign up for account if you want one but don't have to (tagline: Grow beyond Picnics)
Pixenate: Free (save to disk or upload to flickr) Has layers : Free No login, just upload and go. Won't let you select areas; each change applies to whole image. Crop, rotate, sharpen/blur, colorize, texturize, bright/contrast, saturation.
Snipshot: Free (has pro level for fee) Save as GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG or TIF
  • Basic editing tools like crop, rotate, resize
  • Basic image adjustments like contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness and hue
  • Edit big pictures—up to 10 MB, or 25 megapixels (5000x5000 pixels)
  • Pro version for $9 per month - will edit RAW files

Not to bother with: Very basic and is cluttered with a ton of ads.

Photo Editors : Download and Install

Seashore Open source
Gimp / X11

Link to zip file of images for editing

Basic Editing strategy:
Go from large to small changes
  • Treat your original files like negatives - keep it safe, don't handle it, and don't open and resave. JPG is a lossy file type - every time you open, tweak and re-save, it re-compresses and you lose image detail (and see something called jpg artifacts in the image). Instead, duplicate the file and work from that.
  • Have a system for storage and management. Pictures are no good if you can't find them, or if you lose them permanently. Back up to optical (CD, DVD), to an external drive, AND online somewhere (offsite storage). Use tags if they are available to you.

1. Rotate, straighten, flip (as necessary)
2. Crop : constrain proportions to fit neatly on 4x6, 5x7 or square as needed for purpose
3. Resize : after cropping, resize down for web, up for output (20% at a time up)
4. Exposure and Contrast, use the histogram to place highlights, shadows and midtones. IF levels or curves are available you can use those
5. Color balance : place a neutral or tweak temperature (blue/yellow) CMYK or RGB Cyan – Red, Magenta – Green, Yellow—Blue
6. Sharpen – do this as little as possible – it really just creates edges keep the radius small; the strength can be increased quite a bit *Zoom in to see effect (or preview)
7. Red-eye (person) or green-eye (pet)
8. Retouching (blemish, teeth, eyes, wrinkles, etc)
9. Editing out objects (clone stamp) or color changes in an area (ie: sky)
10. Effects : Sepia, black and white, neon, newsprint . . .overall effects
11. Distorting areas with liquefy or warp or bulge or pinch – whatever’s available
12. Add other things like “stickers” or text or a frame
13. Animated Gif options
14. Saving : file type : jpg, png, bmp, tif, gif, etc for lossy/non-lossy , size and accessibility depending on use of the image (screen or print)

Composition and Framing hints can be found in this Voicethread.

Additional resources for photography, digital cameras, uses in the classroom, etc. can be found here.

Photo SHARING sites
Flickr: photo sharing, ability to leave comments, area specific notes on images if kids have an account *free for limited number of pictures uploaded/month, $25/yr unlimited uploads Great for a class photosharing site.

You can also share from sites primarily for ordering prints
Shutterfly (prints to Target)
Rite Aid

Copyright Free or Creative Commons licensed image sources

Flickr - advanced search feature for CC lic. work
100 Sources for Free Stock Images They are categorized enough to point you in the right direction. Lots of options.
Library of Congress on Flickr Your tax dollars at work. Historical images from various decades.
Pics 4 Learning Basic, small file size/resolution images
NASA Once again, your tax dollars at work. Outer space, here we come!
Public Domain Images

What to do with your photos when you are done editing
Slideshare : make a powerpoint or keynote, upload and embed in a wiki, blog or other site Also can record voice for a slidecast
Animoto: Toss in some photos and see what they do with them - motion, music, kids love it