Scratch Workshop

Scratch Website : Download the latest version of Scratch or use whatever one you have on your laptop already.

Scratch How-To Resources
Support resources on the Scratch Site
Scratch Reference Guide (on Scratch site)
Scratch CARDS : Print them and hand them around for support at the outset
Series of 8 basic introductory lessons for learning Scratch put together by a student at the University of Wisconson
Don't underestimate the examples within the Scratch program - organized by type, students can see what code does what

Resources for teaching Scratch or using it in a classroom
ScratchED website: New site created as a resource for teachers. Rolled out at the end of June.
Bob Sprankle's Bit by Bit podcast about using Scratch in his elementary classroom
Ideas from the Nebo Elementary School : specific lessons students can do. Lists requirements, extras, and links to examples of code to make that type of project.
Liz Davis's Google Docwith a 6-day lesson plan for introducing Scratch to 8th grade algebra students
Tech & Learning :Interview with Mitch Resnick
If you ARE teaching computer science: Harvard page Scratch for Budding Computer Scientists which has a nice breakdown of concepts.
Large list of Scratch resources on the Classroom 2.0 Wiki
ICT Guy resources for Scratch : blog post with links to many resources for Scratch (educator from Australia)

More advanced information
Scratch for Second Life and Open Sim

Links to student and teacher projects:
Student coordinate geometry intials projectStudent coordinate grid projectStudent geometry dictionary projectTeacher demo transformationsTeacher demo probabilityDr. Super, slope and intercept

Trio author plays one recording of his own voice with different delays, forming a cannon
Birds mouse over interactive chorus of chirping birds
music shapes balls freely bouncing off of objects generate sounds dynamically
7 Ocean Music Box : interactive audio composing
UFO Rotation example of using frame-by-frame animation to mimic 3D effects in Scratch
Sierpinski : an interactive example of programmatic/algorithmic art that results in a fractal pattern
Geometric Identity : self-portrait drawn with automated pen
white peacock
: a beautiful visual composed by randomizing the pen and stamp tools


Math : Game : multiplication review
Scratch Project

Math: Story telling: Geometry in various world locations
Scratch Project